How do I buy your products / How can I make a purchase?
We no longer allow any online purchases outside of this website, so any online purchase of our products should be done only through this website. There are two ways for our customers to do so; one is through registering an account as our member and the other is by browsing through and purchasing as a guest.
How and why should I register an account?
You can register an account by clicking on the ‘Register’ option. At the Registration page, you will need to fill in some of your basic information such as your full name, your email address, your shipping address and other information relevant for the purchase and shipping. By creating an account, you could easily login to your account every time you visit our website. When you purchase while logged in to your account, we will record the item you purchased and through this, the next time you wish to purchase through our website and wish to avoid purchasing the same item again, you could simply check your purchase history. You could also use this feature for when you wish to make repeat orders. Apart from that, you could also subscribe to our events and promotions and be updated every time we announce about a new design, collections, events and promotions. We are planning various other benefits for our members so register with us today so you won’t miss out!
How do I purchase using the guest account?
To do so, you can click on the ‘Guest’ option and then simply browse through our collection and choose the item(s) that you like. When making the payment, you will need to fill in the information required including the information needed for shipping. As you did not register/login as a member, you will have to fill in these information every time you purchase through our website.
Is it safe to provide my personal information?
Most definitely! We at Syakirin do not store any of your personal details and bankcard details for any purpose besides the purchase for which they are provided to us. We will not use any of your information without your consent. Payments are made online via an e-payment gateway. Any information gained through direct banking will not be revealed or exploited in any way, we assure you.
What are the payment options that I could choose from?
Once you have finalized your order list, you could choose between two options. The first is through e-payment gateway which is available through this website. In order to use this option, you could fill in details once the order has been finalized and the amount to be paid is shown. Once the payment is finalized, we will start processing your order. However, if you are not able to or do not wish to use this option, you could use the second option which is through direct banking. To use this option, you have to first finalize your order in this website and then fill in the necessary details for shipping. Once you have banked in the amount needed and provided us with the proof of the payment, we will start processing your order.
Do you have any boutique or physical stores?
As of this moment, we have yet to open a signature boutique especially for our Syakirin collections. However, our website is available 24 hours and our Online Office is open beyond the regular business hours so feel free to visit us at any time at all. We will respond to any enquiries and process your orders as soon as we can. Apart from our own signature boutique, you can also find our Syakirin collection at a couple of physical stores of our trusted vendors. The following places listed are the stores mentioned :-
    • Modvier Bangsar, PT 392, Jalan Maarof, 59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel. : +603-22018825
    • Larnie Boutique, Lot 491, 15050 Kota Bharu, Malaysia. Tel. : +60164491445
What are your delivery or shipping methods?
For the delivery or shipping of our product, we have chosen to use the services of Poslaju and CityLink. As soon as your orders are processed by our HQ, the delivery and shipping process will be handed over to either of these companies immediately to ensure that you will be able to received them as soon as possible.
What is your delivery schedule?
Our delivery schedule is every Monday and Thursday every week. We send your orders to the shipping and delivery services on these days and depending on your location, the items should arrive within the next three(3) working days. The delivery schedule during school and public holidays vary depending on circumstances. You may inquire to us about this at any time.
How may I track the processing of my order?
Once an order has been made, if the payment has been made online, the order will be put under the ‘Processing’ status immediately. Once it has been processed by our HQ and handed over to the delivery and shipping services, the items will be put on ‘Complete’ status. You will be informed of the tracking numbers as soon as possible after that happens. That concludes the extent to which you would be able to check the status of the orders with us. Using the tracking numbers that we provide you, you could check the status of your order at the websites of the delivery and shipping services.
Can I return / exchange an item?
Our products are made with high quality materials. We have made sure to invest our best care into every product in order to provide you with the best quality. However, if you find any small irregularities, please know that they are only due to human mistakes which are not, in any way, intentional. However, if the defect or irregularity is to the point that the product is not wearable, we would gladly make a replacement for you. The following are the conditions in order to make a return/exchange :-
  • If there is any defects/irregularities found or the item(s) are faulty to the point that they are not wearable.
  • Item(s) should be in the same condition as delivered to customer (not washed, worn, laundried, etc) with all the tags and packaging intact.
  • Item(s) should be posted within three(3) days after receiving
  • Item(s) are only exchangeable based on the availability of the stock. (Unavailable item(s) may be changed for other stocks, or returned with refunds).
  • Shipping costs shall be paid by customer.
  • Return requests will be processed and shipped within 7 working days after we receive the item(s).